How is it to lie on ?                

                                       Nurses and doctors testing out the mattress claim that

                               the mattress feels different than what it looks like:


        Turn side                                                                         


                                It feels soft and at the same time giving the easy movement.

                                Small movements give pressure changes. The patient laying

                                on the Carebed is not fixed in one position restricting natural





                                A patient can lay in the same position on the Carebed for a

                                long time without feeling unpleasant. This ensures a deeper

                                sleep and a feeling of being rested.




                                The Carebed is not sticky to lie on. A patient with large

                                temperature changes day and night will get sweaty on any

                                type of mattress/surface. In cases where the patient feels

                                sticky using the Carebed, a thin overlay mattress can be used

                                to reduce the feeling.


        How to use                                                     


                                The Carebed is easy to use and it is difficult to do anything wrong.

                                The patient has to lay on the mattress when filling

                                with air for 1 minute. Tighten the green cap firmly after filling.


        Over weight patients                                                                                                                                         


                                Patients up to 150 kg can use the Carebed. When the patient

                                weight is between 120 and 150 kg the mattress has to be filled with

                                air prior to use. Then lay the patient on the mattress

                                and release air using a pen (or similar) until there is 1 to 2cm

                                between the patient and the bed.



        Refilling of air                                                             


                                The mattress material will stretch the first 24 hours and requires

                                refilling the second day in use. After that when needed.

                                A best practise is to refill air when changing linens.



                                        Carebed can be cleaned by using any detergent/disinfectants

                                on the market. Clinical alcohol can also be used on the Carebed. 





                                As long as the Carebed keeps the air it will provide the required

                                pressure relief.

                                There are mattresses that have been used for close to 10 years.




                                Empty the Carebed for air and roll the mattress together.

                                Best storage at room temperature.  



        Environmental friendly/Recirculation


                                        Carebed is made of a material without environmental poison


                                It can be thrown away, but it is recommended to deliver it to the

                                distributor for recycling of the material.


        Clinical testing  


                                In 2002 SINTEF completed a clinical test on Carebed (SINTEF is

                                the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia)  

                                The conclusion is that a patient using CAREBED does not get open

                                wound or red skin.




                                2 years.




                                        Carebed has all certifications and approvals required by the

                                European market.




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