Pressure relief based on static tempered air.


pressure relief mattress made in Norway. The product has been on the market since 1990. The foil material has been developed together with Norsk  Hydro in Norway and Gislaved Folie AB in Sweden. The mattress is environmental friendly using recyclable foil material.

ensure effective pressure relief to prevent and treat pressure wounds.

can be used to treat wounds up to grade 3. The mattress is adjusted to the individual patent and is easy to use, ensuring correct use and easy handling by health personnel.

Adjusts to the different bed settings and is very stable and comfortable to use.




There are many factors to consider when a pressure wound develops. The main factor is the pressure from the surface against the body over time. Ordinary mattresses often give a too high pressure. When having reduced mobility this will lead to reduced blood circulation in certain critical areas, such that the body tissue dies and pressure wounds develops.Carebed reduces the pressure from the surface underneath by letting the user sink down in the mattress. The pressure is distributed more evenly over a larger area and the blood circulation remains good. Carebed is an industry recognized and a well proven product that has been tested by SINTEF (SINTEF is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia).

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Carebed consists of more than 300 compartments cells filled with air. The air is free floating between the compartments cells, and adjusts to the users shape and weight. The mattress is very easy to use; Pump the mattress with air for one minute, the valve closes automatically when correct amount of air. It is not possible to fill the mattress with too much air. The Air in the mattress is not affected much by temperature changes; the user does not have to use much energy to warm up the mattress when it is cold in the room. The mattress is filled with air having room temperature (+27 degrees).


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Product specification:


Carebed OP - Surgical mattress